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  • As most of these questions are meant to test your IQ and EQ, there may be errors in some of these
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PC Section 1


Very very short answer type questions. (2x4=8 marks)

1) Which utility helps in resetting Windows User Password? Name only one.

2) Full form of CMOS?

3) What types of Kernel does Windows & Linux have? Name them.

4) Name any three CLI Commands which are universal in Windows, Linux & Mac.


PC Section 2


Explain in one sentence. (2x5=10 marks)

5) Is it really wise to left over a Linux PC without an AntiVirus? Yes/No & why?

6) What is the major limitation of TeraCopy?

7) If the BIOS of any computer are locked password, how do we crack it?

8) Does Cheat Engine help in increasing Torrent Speed? Yes/No & Why?

9) How do you shut down a Windows Computer, if you don’t find Shutdown command in Start menu, without going editing Registry or even Group Policy? Explain in one sentence.


PC Section 3


Explain in two sentences. (2x8=16 marks)

10) A guy wants to buy a Chrome OS Notebook to use for some Photoshopping & to play NFS Hot Pursuit. Which model do you suggest him & why?

11) I can’t run any 64-bit Operating System, including Windows/Linux, on VirtualBox. It says it isn’t supported.

  • My Configuration
  • Windows 7 64-bit
  • 3GB RAM
  • Intel Dual Core E-2180 @ 2.0Ghz

Why is it happening & the solution? [Hint: Check processor specs]

12) A bug prevails in Windows in which we can’t create more than 4 partitions on an MBR Disk. But sadly, Microsoft didn’t found this bug yet. How will you report this bug to Microsoft?

13) Guy 1 tests & reviews MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials), Avast Free v7 & AVG Free 2012. He chooses MSE for his computer.
Guy 2 tests & reviews all the above security products which Guy1 has previously tested. He chooses Avast Free v7 for his computer.
Who would be more tech enthusiast & why?

14) Guy 1 tests & reviews Quick Heal Total Security, Kaspersky Pure & Norton 360. He chooses Kaspersky Pure for his computer.
Guy 2 tests & reviews all the above security products which Guy1 has previously tested. He chooses Quick Heal Total Security for his computer.
Who would be more tech enthusiast & why?

15) What would be your first step when your Windows computer flickers BSOD?

16) Windows XP, Vista, 7. From the list of above OS, which one do you like to go with everyday computing & why?

17) Can we install XP to another partition along with already installed Windows7 & yet dual boot with two OSs? Yes/No & how?


Internet/Networking Section 1


Very very short answer type questions. (2x2=4 marks)

18) Did you get infected by the recent Facebook Porn or any other attacks? Yes/No

19) FTP means?


Internet/Networking Section 2


Explain in two sentences. (2x10=20 marks)

20) If I upload unmodified ‘Windows 7 ISO Image’ as torrent without giving any Product Keys or other cracks but encourages the downloaders to buy it from Microsoft, will it still be considered as an act of piracy? Yes/No & why?

21) Guy 1 reviews Gmail & Yahoo Mail. He chooses Yahoo Mail for his day to day emailing.
Guy 2 reviews the above two & he chooses Gmail for his day to day emailing.
Who is more tech enthusiast & why?

22) Do you always use HTTPS (SSL) feature of Facebook/Gmail while browsing? Yes/No & why?

23) You find a 10 GB ISO image of some software available as direct HTTP downloading with resume capacity, & as Torrent download by the software publisher itself with high speed. Which downloading option do you choose & why?

24) What is the real explanation of the error ‘Certificate Invalid’ when we tries to login to Gmail while our system date & time is resetted because of CMOS battery failure?

25) Two torrent copies of same file are available.

Torrent 1: 50 Seeds, 1000 Leechers.

Torrent 2: 20 Seeds, 10 Leechers.

Which torrent do you opt & why?

26) What is the real theory behind BitTorrent Protocol?

27) A torrent peer is having 75 pieces of data, out of 100 pieces. Can we call that Peer a Seeder, colloquially? Why?

28) What is meant by Tracker in BitTorrent protocol?

29) What is meant by hash value & how does it help when we download any softwares?


Internet/Networking Section 3


Explain in three sentences. (3x2=6 marks)

30) Assume you have a drafted mail with zipped executable attached in Gmail. How do you download the zipped executable attached, or even send the mail?

31) Why should we not believe in hoaxes, spams & scams?


General Technology


Explain in three sentences. (3x1=3 marks)

32) A guy takes a photo of a beautiful landscape. Meanwhile, some men & women got captured in his photograph who too was watching the landscape. Because of the potential misuse, does the men & women should really approach the photographer & ask him to take the photo again without including them? Why?

33) Bill/Kate tells to Ryan/Amanda that his son/daughter is addicted to porn videos & often visits such websites. Assume you are Ryan/Amanda & how do you save your friend’s son/daughter from this addiction?

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